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Austin Texas Beauty Pageant Schedule

Pageant Schedule

Find out when Universal Royalty® children's beauty pageants will be coming to your town. Contact us in Austin, Texas, to learn more about upcoming pageants, photoshoots, television exposure and media events.

Universal Royalty® National Pageant  

Enter today for your chance to win fabulous prizes and awards on stage at Universal Royalty® National pageant August 3, 2024, in Austin, Texas. Babies, toddlers, teens, adults, boys, girls, and contestants of all ages are welcome to compete. All contestants receive a gift bag and award as a thank you for entering Universal Royalty Beauty Pageant.

Call today and register your child at (512) 251-3796

Upcoming Pageants

Celebrating 29 Years in Business

•August 2-3, 2024 - Austin, TX
National Pageant
Two $5000 Winners Guaranteed

October 5, 2024 - Tyler, TX

•December 7, 2024 - Austin, TX
Christmas Pageant

•January 4, 2025 - Bastrop, TX




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